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Team17 and Topia Studios’ Farmside is coming to Apple Arcade this month

Players to begin building their dream farms on 17 February 2023
Team17 and Topia Studios’ Farmside is coming to Apple Arcade this month
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Team17 and Topia Studios have officially announced that the farmlife sim Farmside will soon be available to play on Apple’s subscription service, Apple Arcade. The game launches on 17 February 2023 as Team17’s first release since having been acquired.

Cultivating land

Farmside’s gameplay involves players building a dream farm with crops, orchards, and of course, animals. Players can expand their fields, buildings and machinery to grow the farm, follow requests from townspeople, unlock decorations and more.

As for the game’s community aspect, visiting others’ farms and competing in multiplayer challenges are among the player’s options.

"We’re really excited to bring the beautiful and relaxing world of Farmside to Apple Arcade next month. The combination of fun and intuitive farm life sim gameplay, with long-term activities alongside friends and other players online, is a compelling one," said Team17 USA vice president and general manager Joshua Babich.

"It also marks an important milestone for Team17 USA as Farmside becomes our debut published title since Team17 acquired us at the start of last year."

Apple’s subscription service already features more than 200 games, from new releases to award winners. However, last July 15 games were revealed to be leaving the service with the increasing competition in the industry as subscription services continue to grow in prevalence and popularity.

It was thanks to Apple Arcade that developer Halfbrick was able to 'put aside the complex business model of F2P' when developing Jetpack Joyride 2, the sequel to the popular mobile game more than 10 years later. Jetpack Joyride 2’s product manager and lead game designer Francisco 'Paco' Gonzalez revealed in an interview with us that Apple put all facilities to support the game’s development on its platform and gave a big marketing push.

Last month, it was also revealed that Pokémon developer Game Freak would be releasing Pocket Card Jockey on Apple Arcade.