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Narrative games specialist Telltale begins liquidation proceedings

Some of its earlier games have been removed from Steam
Narrative games specialist Telltale begins liquidation proceedings
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Telltale Games has begun liquidation proceedings and will soon shut down for good.

The developer laid off the vast majority of its 250 employees back in September during a dramatic collapse, leaving the fate of the final season of The Walking Dead in question. Initially, it appeared the company was keeping a “skeleton crew” on to finish outstanding projects.

But as one former narrative designer reported last month, Telltale Games is to completely close. Games Daily reports that a company named Sherwood Productions is handling Telltale Games’ liquidation.

Officially Telltale has filed assignment proceedings, described as a form of closing a company outside of bankruptcy, where potential claims can be made against the company’s assets.

All assets - ranging from physical goods and furniture to trademarks, copyrights, software, and source code - have been put up for sale. It’s currently unknown what Telltale received in return for turning the assigning to Sherwood.

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