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The art of a successful game launch | Podcast

Keywords Studios, Helpshift, KantanAI and Backtrace join the podcast team to explore what it takes to ensure a successful game launch in 2023
The art of a successful game launch | Podcast
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In an era of app store saturation and the increasing importance of user acquisition - how important is it to launch your game well? Is there such a thing as a perfect launch - and can smaller developers afford to compete with the giants of the mobile games world?

The podcast team is joined by some of the companies working at the cutting edge of the games market, offering technical solutions and automation to several major challenges to ensure every studio has the means to nail the all-important launch.

In a fast-paced and wide-ranging discussion, hosts Brian Baglow and Peggy Anne Salz speak to the companies which are helping developers offer a flawless user experience from start to finish, with a focus on keeping players happy (and playing the game).

Flawless player experience

Brian is joined by Eric Vermillion, the CEO of Helpshift, Peter Gerson, Senior Manager with Keywords Studios, KantanAI’s Technology and Sales Director Dominick Kelly and Oz Syed, Game Development Evangelist from Backtrace.

This crack team explores how to do more with less, exploring the ways in which technology and automation can bring speed and efficiency to areas such as player support, localisation, quality assurance (QA) and more.

As the role of artificial intelligence in game development and publishing becomes an ever more contentious topic, we dive into the reality of AI and machine learning in the player journey, looking for examples, case studies and best practice to help every studio without breaking the bank.

Listen. Learn. Enjoy.

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