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The Heroic Cloud - Hosted games infrastructure at scale

Heroic Labs VP of Product Alim Jaffer announces the public release of Heroic Cloud
The Heroic Cloud - Hosted games infrastructure at scale

Written by Alim Jaffer the VP Product at Heroic Labs, the creators of the popular open-source game server Nakama which powers multiple games in the Top 50 on mobile.

Today at Heroic Labs we're excited to announce the public release of our Heroic Cloud.

This managed service is run by our expert Heroic engineers and is built on top of best in class cloud provider technologies to enable developers to deploy and scale servers running Nakama, the leading open-source game server.

Nakama is the open-source game server written in Go that you can find on GitHub with over 3,000 stars. Nakama itself has been in active development for over 5 years by our team of Heroic engineers and community developers with 40+ releases, which has been downloaded by over 250,000+ developers and studios.

Our Heroic Cloud platform handles over 200M player accounts and serves over 90 Billion (yes, that’s billion with a B!) requests per month.

Both Nakama and our Heroic Cloud are platform agnostic - you can deploy your games on any game platform of your choice and take advantage of the growing popularity of cross-platform play within your games.

The Heroic Cloud has been battle tested with titles that have reached 15M MAU and 250,000CCU+ at peak usage across a variety of game types - from fast-moving server authoritative Battle Royale to Puzzle, Social Casino, and Hyper Casual games.

Within Heroic Cloud you can control multiple server deployments (i.e. DEV1, QA1, PROD1, etc.), connect to source code repositories such as GitHub, BitBucket, and GitLab to create continuous integration and continuous delivery pipelines (CI/CD), have direct access to searchable live logs, provision scalable database instances, and critical dashboards that enable developers to investigate player data and provide operations as needed for their player base.

You will always have full access and ownership over your data - every deployment is isolated to each project to ensure security and availability.

Our Cloud will deploy those servers within seconds and configure them into one unified cluster for increased availability without any manual intervention from your team. By being able to deploy servers so quickly, you can easily handle an unexpected influx of players, or provision further servers right before an app store feature to easily control your costs.

This system allows you to easily predict your costs and enables flexibility for large influxes of users for live events and tournaments that can happen daily, weekly, or monthly. We’ve worked with numerous studios who integrate Nakama and who use Heroic Cloud to help us further our work on the open-source offering of Nakama to enable all developers to build the game of their dreams without reinventing the wheel at each step.

This empowers developers of any size, scale, and experience to build upon trusted technology to create the games of their dreams. You can get started with Nakama by downloading it locally for free in order to begin developing and integrating today with your game engine of choice.

Questions about how Nakama would work with your games? Feel free to reach out to us at - we’d love to hear from you!