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UK and Germany on track to generate a combined $12.1 billion to the global gaming market in 2022

Almost 75 percent of the population of both countries engage in gaming
UK and Germany on track to generate a combined $12.1 billion to the global gaming market in 2022

A new Newzoo report has delved into the German and British gaming markets.

The two countries are projected to be the fifth and six gaming markets by revenue by close of play 2022, with UK’s 39.1 million gamers contributing $5.5 billion in revenue to the industry and Germany’s 49.8 million players generating $6.6 billion.

Around 75 percent of the population of both the UK and Germany between 10-65 are so-called game enthusiasts, engaging with gaming through playing, owning, and viewing games, as well as through social behaviour.

The 21-35 age group represents the largest single audience, representing 31 percent of Germany’s gaming population and 33 percent of the British audience. This is followed by the 36-50 age group, representing 28 percent of the audience in both countries.

23 percent of British gamers are between 10 and 20, compared to 19 percent of German gamers. In contrast, the 51-65 age group represents 20 percent of German gamers and 16 percent of British ones. This suggests that older people in Germany are more likely to engage in gaming than in the UK.

In terms of gender, the percentage share is identical in both countries at 54 percent male, 45 percent female, and less than one percent non-binary or reporting another gender.

Mobile reigns supreme in both markets

Mobile is reported as the most common platform in both the UK and Germany, with 46 percent of British gamers and 43 percent of German players playing on their phones.

Console gaming is significantly more popular in the UK than in Germany, with 41 percent of British gamers using consoles compared to 34 percent of Germany. Additionally, 43 percent of British gamers cited consoles as their favourite way to game, compared to 33 percent of German players.

33 percent of gamers in both countries reported mobile devices as their favourite gaming platform. Taken with the console statistics, this suggests that while gamers in both countries are playing on mobile devices more than any other platform, German players are more engaged in mobile gaming.

64 percent of gamers in both markets report spending money on video games, with deals such as sales or simply good pricing noted as the prime driver for spend. This is followed by exclusive content and playing with others.

A Newzoo report from earlier this month forecasts that the mobile gaming market will shrink 6.4 percent in 2022.