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TikTok is returning money to advertisers ahead of its possible US ban

It will honour ad campaigns it can still complete
TikTok is returning money to advertisers ahead of its possible US ban

Social media platform TikTok has begun to prepare advertisers for its possible ban in the US.

As reported by Reuters, the ByteDance-owned company has offered money back to its ads buyers if it is unable to fulfil its promised commitment. However, TikTok has pledged to honour the ad campaigns that it is still capable of doing.

Furthermore, should the ban come into place, the Chinese short-form video app will aid influencers in moving to different platforms.

US president Donald Trump signed two executive orders last week, one of which was to forbid American business relations with TikTok, while the other was for Tencent's WeChat.

His decision stems from the ongoing tense relations the US and China share, as he believed the Chinese applications are being used to feed private information back to the opposing government. However, as recently reported by Business Insider, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has claimed that there is "no evidence" to support Trump's allegations.


By the president's demand, the Chinese platforms will be banned in the US in September, 45 days after he signed the papers. However, it is worth noting that both TikTok and Tencent could take this matter to court. Furthermore, the short-clip app has a second option - if a deal is secured with Microsoft within 45 days, the app will continue to function in the US.

Following talks with the president, the big M was given 45 days to come to an agreement with TikTok to acquire the app in the US. However, in a move that has been branded as "mafia-like," Trump has insisted that the US Treasury see some of the profits should the deal come to pass.