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Tower of Fantasy’s “Half Anniversary” celebrated by Hotta Studio

The open world action-RPG’s unusually early celebration signifies the rapid life-cycle of today's games
Tower of Fantasy’s “Half Anniversary” celebrated by Hotta Studio

Hotta Studio, makers of Tower of Fantasy are set to celebrate the game’s six-month anniversary after the game’s release late in 2022.

Hotta are set to celebrate the game’s “Half Anniversary” with in-game rewards including a popularity vote for player’s favourite ‘simulacra’, the player characters within the world. The studio is also fielding player-created cosmetics with rewards for contributors. The anniversary has been accompanied by a trailer commemorating in-game achievements by players throughout the game’s lifespan so far. Players will also be able to check their stats using the game’s “Time Capsule” functionality.

An open world action-RPG in the vein of games like mega-hit Genshin Impact, Tower of Fantasy was released in August 2022. Tower of Fantasy was released by publisher Level Infinite and developed by Hotta Studio, the former is the publishing division of Chinese corporation Tencent. The Level Infinite brand has previously published games such as Metal: Hellsinger, Warhammer: Vermintide 2 and mobile titles such as PUBG Mobile. Tower of Fantasy will also soon be seeing the release of it's first expansion and is another major mobile title to be published by Level Infinite.

Faster anniversaries

The popularity poll as part of the anniversary celebration could also serve an additional purpose – to help Hatto Studio figure out which characters will attract the most attention if they make additional skins or cosmetics for them. Meanwhile the addition of player-contributed cosmetics indicates an attempt by Hotta Studio to foster a greater sense of community amongst players.

Given Tencent’s further investment in outside studios, Level Infinite has proved a success with many PC and console releases under its belt as well as investment in games released to mobile, such as Nikke: Goddess of Victory. This despite seeing ‘controversy’ when the game was accused of censorship to appease Chinese regulators despite not being released in the country.