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Tripledot Studios growth strategy pays off with Deloitte Award

Mobile developer Tripledot received the Deloitte UK Technology Fast 50 Award for its rate of growth
Tripledot Studios growth strategy pays off with Deloitte Award

The Deloitte UK Technology Fast 50, awarded based on the rate of growth for a variety of companies in the technology sector, was given to mobile developer Tripledot Studios. The studio behind games such as Woodoku and their own version of Solitaire received the award based on their rate of 69.3% growth over the previous year. This is in spite of having to move numerous employees and their families from Ukraine, as well as other difficulties faced by the company.

In their winner’s profile, Tripledot Studios CEO Lior Shiff gave an indication of where the company was headed, with a focus on mobile streaming growth. “The company live streams hosted games to consumers who can play alongside on their mobile devices. We’re a value-added buyer," says Shiff. "We’re looking for opportunities where one plus one equals three; Companies that have made great games but where we can help them operate better."

The company also has plans to utilise more traditional media going forward to reach new audiences, and aspires to be a household name and maybe a listed company. Shiff is careful not to lose sight of what’s important: ‘We like to create games that people will play for a long time, for years from now.’”

A big win for mobile

Not only is the win for Tripledot Studios a landmark achievement for the company, but it’s also in spite of difficult circumstances due to the conflict in Ukraine and stiff competition. To see a mobile developer be recognised for their efforts and their rapid growth is something that lends greater legitimacy and pedigree to the mobile games industry as a whole.

Tripledot’s aim to grow the company was something we reported on as recently as September and its efforts appear to have paid off in a big way so far, including the appointment of a new Chief Games Officer, Daniel Freireich. Whilst recognition doesn’t automatically translate to financial success, it’s hard to argue with growth numbers such as they’ve been reporting.