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Could Trophit's gift-voucher approach to UA increase your LTV 3-fold?

A better approach to acquire
Could Trophit's gift-voucher approach to UA increase your LTV 3-fold?

It's been two years since marketeers started describing the user acquisition market as commoditised.

Yet during that time, prices have continued to rise, forcing companies to get more and more creative (and extreme) in terms of how they spend their marketing money.

In such an environment, one company that reckons it can help is Israeli outfit Trophit.

It claims its gift-voucher system, which is compliant both on the Apple App Store and Android Google Play, offers a world-first when it comes to doing more with your UA advertising.

Additional layer

It works as you can set up a portfolio of different vouchers for A/B testing that are used to gift players who download your game additional items or currency.

One advantage of the system is it doesn't require any SDK integration and works with your standard UA advertising, which is run as usual through standard UA channels and relying on tracking providers such as Adjust, Tune MAT, Kochava or AppsFlyer.


Trophit points out that this process is different to a standard incentivised install as the voucher incentivises the installed game not the favourite game that a user is already playing.

In this way, it says the process provides a much stronger flow of quality players to advertised games, albeit at a small addition cost to your standard UA campaign.

Perfect test case

And it's not just Trophit who thinks the system works.

It's tested it with Chinese developer Elex Tech, which ran advertising and vouchers for its game Clash of Kings, tracking the results through the Adjust ad network.

It saw day-1 ARPU multiplied by 5.8; a 50% bump in day-7 retention and LTV estimate seeing a whopping up 3.5 times when compared with baseline users.

You can see the full case study in this PDF presentation deck.

"Generosity is a great mechanic to attract an audience and scale a business, and that is why coupons, rebates and discounts play such a key role in the global economy," stated Trophit CEO Guy Hollender.

CTO Sagi Mann added; "The data from our test-case proves our hypothesis: the gift-voucher system improves all KPIs across the board - not only CTR and conversion, but also retention and monetization."

You can find out more about Trophit and sign up via the website.