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Ubisoft acquires 1492 Studio to get in on mobile interactive fiction craze

Publisher brings in Is it love? series to its widening mobile portfolio
Ubisoft acquires 1492 Studio to get in on mobile interactive fiction craze
Date Type Companies Involved Size
Mar 1, 2018 acquisition 1492 Studio Ubisoft Not disclosed
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Publisher Ubisoft has acquired Montpellier-based Is it Love? developer 1492 Studio.

The French outfit specialises in creating interactive fiction games on mobile and is best known for its Is It Love? series, interactive stories where where players make decisions that have an impact on the story arc.

The terms of Ubisoft’s deal for 1492 Studio were not disclosed.

Narrative of success

Ubisoft’s acquisition comes as the interactive fiction space is generating significant revenues for the leading developers in the space.

Pocket Gems’ Episode and Pixelberry’s Choices are regular top grossers on the US App Store, and they aren’t the only narrative-focused titles making waves on mobile.

Other titles trying to edge in on the increasingly hotly competitive market include Nanobit's My Story: Choose Your Own Path, Voltage's Lovestruck Choose Your Romance and Ludia's What's Your Story?.

"Is It Love? Is already one of the leaders in episodic, narrative-driven mobile games, with a highly-engaged community of players," said Ubisoft Mobile executive director Jean-Michel Detoc.

"This deal is in keeping with our strategy of reaching new audiences through smart, targeted, and highly profitable acquisitions."