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Ubisoft brings Valiant Hearts spin-off exclusively to Netflix Games

The Valiant Hearts: The Great War spin-off, Valiant Hearts: Coming Home, launches today on Netflix Games
Ubisoft brings Valiant Hearts spin-off exclusively to Netflix Games
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Ubisoft’s Valiant Hearts: The Great War was critically praised when it was first released in 2014 for depicting the First World War in a visually engaging and emotionally gripping way. Now its spin-off sequel is coming exclusively to Netflix Games.

As part of a three-game deal with Netflix, Ubisoft are bringing Valiant Hearts: The Great War exclusively to the platform. The description for the game notes that it will follow a similar story and format to the first game, but this time from a wholly new perspective.

“Set during World War I, Valiant Hearts: Coming Home is a heartfelt emotional narrative game that follows four unsung heroes dealing with the overwhelming nature of war in a story about survival, sacrifice and friendship. The game pays tribute to the Harlem Hellfighters, the first African-American infantry unit to fight in World War I, who broke down racial barriers at home and abroad. Valiant Hearts: Coming Home, directed by the original core team from Valiant Hearts: The Great War, features a mix of exploration, puzzles and action as players find their way through this story of brotherhood and companionship.“

Going over the top

Much like Desta: The Memories Between, Valiant Hearts is arguably a very appropriate title to bring to the Netflix Games platform. Like Desta it offers an emotionally gripping setting and story that is likely to resonate well with an existing audience used to Netflix exclusives that try to present something new and fresh with each release.

It’s also a notable move for Ubisoft, as Valiant Hearts is a significant departure from their recent release of large-scale AAA releases. Some of which have been criticised for oversaturation due to a near yearly release schedule. The game, therefore, might indicate an attempt to diversify their catalogue and recapture critical momentum. The decision to partner with Netflix may offer a narrower potential audience, with many subscribers unaware of the feature, which may prove detrimental to the game’s success.

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