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The UK games industry is showing resilience against the coronavirus

45 per cent of businesses have increased revenue
The UK games industry is showing resilience against the coronavirus
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The UK games industry has proven to be most resilient to the coronavirus outbreak in the latest Playing On report by UK trade body Ukie.

According to the report, based on the answers from 300 participants, 15 roundtables, and more than 50 companies, 45 per cent of businesses have seen an increase in revenue generated through games since the start of the outbreak. A further four per cent claimed to have seen a significant rise in earnings.

The increased revenue was likely helped by the majority of companies being able to work at 80 per cent capacity during the pandemic's peak. That same percentage have insisted that they have no plans to make layoffs as a result of COVID-19. In fact, before the crisis started, 25 per cent of respondents were hiring new staff.

"We have heard how the UK games industry is remarkably resilient, turning to a new way of working with minimal disruption, and how the industry has been able to quickly react to the pressures and challenges presented," said Ukie CEO Dr Joe Twist.

Staying afloat

Furthermore, only 24 per cent of businesses used financial support from the government, while even less at 17 per cent used the furlough scheme. However, more than half of the firms – 56 per cent – are now having trouble with securing funding, particularly in the next six months, and the ongoing outbreak is to blame. To top it off, 24 per cent of those affected claim it could have a significant, if not critical, effect on the company.

On top of this, 67 per cent of games companies believe that future publishing deals will be impacted too.

Since the coronavirus pandemic began, Ukie has looked for a way to aid those affected within the games industry. For example, it added a page dedicated to the disease to its industry Wiki site. Last month, the trade body aimed to tackle loneliness in the UK through a Play and Talk weekend.