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UKIE releases new UK Games Map, indicates 31% increase in companies

The UK Interactive Entertainment trade association has released their newest version of their UK Games Map, including key info and insights
UKIE releases new UK Games Map, indicates 31% increase in companies

The UKIE (United Kingdom Interactive Entertainment) trade organisation, today released their latest version of the UK Games Map. A tool in a similar vein as GJL’s (Games Jobs Live) industry map, the UK Games Map displays publishers, developers and other associated trades, including where they are located, on a map of the United Kingdom. This latest version was accompanied by a news post, discussing their findings since the Map was first launched in 2016.

According to the UKIE news post, the overall number of companies in the UK associated with the gaming industry has risen by 31% since 2016 to around 2,555. The majority of game businesses (2,202), are publishers or developers, whilst the remainder are service companies and academic institutions offering training and education in games. Whilst London proved to be the most populous in terms of companies, other areas such as Manchester, Slough and Cambridge hosted many others.

A tool for the industry

Whilst similar tools, as previously stated, exist such as GJL’s jobs map, the UK Games Map is made with the intent of being used mainly by existing professionals. It was created in partnership with research agency The Nursery and developer Kieran Darcy. The funding was partially provided by the BFI, and it will likely be a legitimising moment for those following the UKIE to see it once again listing the growing companies making up the UK’s trade in interactive entertainment as they term it.

The Games Map is intended to also support community feedback and input from those in the games industry. Industry professionals can apply to add and edit companies with which they are associated by applying through the UKIE’s website. Although it does not offer, at the moment, a more granular view of developers in terms of platform it does help serve as a great overview of where companies are located.

UKIE has also supported the mobile gaming industry in Britain, including partnering with Barclays bank for their Mobile Games Growth initiative. Unsurprisingly, as London proves to be such a center for the gaming industry, it’s where PGC London is being hosted at the end of January.