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MZ made up 40% of games industry US TV ad spend in July 2016

King, InnoGames also feature
MZ made up 40% of games industry US TV ad spend in July 2016

Research firm has released its latest data on TV ad spend in the US for July 2016.

It shows that MZ, perhaps unsurprisingly, spent the most on TV advertising.

It splashed out an estimated $8.7 million to run seven ads 5,226 times throughout July 2016, making up around 40% of the games industry's TV ad spend for the month.

In second place is King, which spent $4.9 million running just two ads for its new title, Farm Heroes Super Saga. PlayStation came in at third meanwhile, having spent just under $2.7 million.


Perhaps most interestingly is the arrival of PerBlue and InnoGames in the top five ad money spenders, having spent $1.7 million and $1 million respectively.

PerBlue ran just one ad over 1,200 times for its new game Dragon Soul, while InnoGames ran three ads 1,185 times.

The top two spots are not particularly surprising – MZ and King spent over $130 million combined on TV ads in the US across the whole of 2015.

While not currently in the top ranked spenders, another mobile gaming giant, Supercell, has just kicked off a brand new ad campaign for Clash Royale.

The 'Rules of the Duel' series of ads has Supercell's typical humour and has already racked up 25 million views on YouTube within their first week.


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