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User acquisition masterclass for app marketers on July 1st

Learn the trade secrets of successful mobile marketing from experts including Bango, Appvertiser, Adikteev and Uptime
User acquisition masterclass for app marketers on July 1st

The last 12 months have offered unique challenges to mobile app advertisers. With growing numbers of users around the world turning to mobile for work and play, creating successful user acquisition has never been more important.

What have we learned about why customers react to some campaigns and not to others?

Join some of the mobile world's savviest app marketers in a free online webinar, as they discuss the secrets of the trade.

This is a chance to pick up insights, practical tips and tricks and new ideas from industry experts on the most effective ways to improve user acquisition (UA) performance from your campaigns.

Here’s what you'll learn:

  • How to acquire better quality, high lifetime value (LTV) users
  • Unlocking post-install user behaviour to create a robust UA strategy
  • New monetisation opportunities for iOS marketers, resulting from iOS14.5 tracking changes
  • How the apply purchase behaviour targeting techniques to increase return on advertising spend (ROAS)

Hosted by, the online session will offer practical tips to optimise your results and turn you into a UA master.

The masterclass takes place on Thursday, July 1st at 18:00 British Summer Time (BST), that's 10:00 PDT, with industry experts from Uptime, Bango, Adikteev and Appvertiser.

The industry panellists are:

Appvertiser CEO Hagop Hagopian

Hagopian brings 10 years of experience in growth marketing and user acquisition. He specialises in paid channel management, setting marketing strategies, and taking a data-driven approach to drive and unlock growth.

Adikteev chief revenue officer and managing director, Alexei Chemenda

Chemenda, who was one of Forbes' 30 under 30 in 2019, joined Adikteev in 2015 when the latter acquired Motionlead, a company he co-founded. Motionlead was a Y Combinator-backed ad-tech company that was building high-quality rich media ads for performance marketers.

Bango Marketplace senior vice president Brett Orlanski

Orlanski leads Bango Marketplace, helping app marketers find new users who buy similar apps. Brett is focused on making it easy for app developers and marketers to source and apply Bango audiences in their user acquisition campaigns. Prior to Bango, Brett ran strategic partnerships at Bidalgo, the largest global gaming Facebook marketing partner.

Uptime head of marketing, Hannah Parvaz

A multi-award winning marketer, coach and mentor, Hannah was named App Marketer of the Year in 2019 and has spoken internationally on the future of app launch, growth, and leveraging data analytics.

Having worked with more than 200 companies, Hannah is passionate about supporting others within the industry; mentoring on Google Launchpad, coaching for Startup Core Strengths, and gaining a 5-star rating on GrowthMentor.

Registration for the event is now open.