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Voodoo launches casual and midcore games publishing

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Voodoo launches casual and midcore games publishing
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Voodoo, the world’s leading mobile games publisher by downloads, has announced a brand new form of publishing.

While the mobile publishing giant will continue to create games from the ground up with existing development partners, Voodoo is introducing a new model that sees the publisher focus on existing hybrid/casual titles. The aim of this shift is to take games that are showing promising traction and help supercharge their profitability with Voodoo’s capabilities and infrastructure.

Using its own growth engine and product teams, Voodoo will now be extending this new method of publishing to external partners and developers. With its edge in user acquisition and monetisation, as well as the cross-promotional capability of over 150 million monthly average users (MAU), Voodoo is ready to further scale its publishing pedigree with fresh hybrid titles.

This new publishing model is proven, as Voodoo was able to demonstrate strong uplift on existing casual/midcore title’ profits in 2022, by decreasing their cost per installs (CPIs) through disruptive creatives whilst improving LTVs with dedicated product and monetisation teams. These uplifts have been particularly strong on titles like Mob Control or Collect Em’ All. These games became long-tail, sustaining profits versus their initial launches prior to these uplifts. Voodoo is aiming to double studios’ expected revenues on their games with this new publishing model while taking care that the launch process involves virtually no downside risk to the studio.

“We’re excited to announce a new form of publishing, which will broaden the community of studios who achieve scale with us.”
Alexander Shea

The publisher is looking for games that can meet the following criteria: a payback period of less than nine months, long-term user engagement, and ideally fewer than one million downloads per OS in the US to date.

Voodoo is currently stealth-launching two games through this model, and will serve incoming interest/game submissions on a first-come-first-served basis.

Alexander Shea, Head of Publishing at Voodoo, “We’re excited to announce a new form of publishing, which will broaden the community of studios who achieve scale with us. We can now help these studios find marketability, monetisation resilience, and ultimately great profitability within six months after launch.

The company is now taking game submissions - sign up here - and is hosting a live stream on Thursday 15th December at 2pm CET (register here) to share further information.”

Voodoo is currently the top mobile games publisher in the world with over six billion downloads to date and over 200 games currently live. If you are a developer interested in Voodoo’s casual/midcore publishing offer, head over to the link here for more information.

It’s worth noting that even if you don’t have a game ready to launch yourself today, you can refer another studio into our program, and earn $100,000 for that referral (once their game has generated its target profits with Voodoo). Please visit the terms and conditions on the landing page cited above for more details.

For more information on the model, Voodoo is holding a live stream hosted by Alex Shea, Hamza Zemmouri and Coralie Harmache on Thursday 15th December at 2pm. Register here.