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Voodoo shares the secrets of hypercasual development at Paris HQ

The mobile publisher's real-world educational events have returned
Voodoo shares the secrets of hypercasual development at Paris HQ

Voodoo has announced the return of its highly-anticipated live events, with the first event taking place in November - physically and digitally - at the publisher’s Paris headquarters.

The event on the 25th of November was open to studios and developers around the world. Voodoo experts and chart-topping studios shared all the latest in the hypercasual world through a series of talks and panel discussions.

Attendees were able to discover transformative insights into the world of hypercasual game development, such as optimising ideation, increasing user engagement, ideating towards low cost-per-install (CPIs) and more.

With speaker sessions from Voodoo’s expert publishing teams and top partner studios, these events allow all to access practical case studies and apply newly found skills to their own development projects.

In attendance and showcasing their own pivotal learnings on the path to make a hypercausal hit were:

Alex Shea, Head of Publishing

Alex Shea, Head of Publishing at Voodoo, opened this edition with an in-depth discussion on what he and Voodoo have learnt from hypercasual in 2021, including insights on marketability, player engagement and game depth. He also discussed their publishing and partnerships game plan for 2022.


The Sweden-based studio has over twenty years of experience in creating mobile games, with their hits, including Downhill Chill, Dig This!, and more recently Castle Raid having racked up over 100 million downloads so far.

Johan Henkow, CEO of Raketspel hosted a talk on how to increase engagement in hypercasual games.

Another Place Productions

Another Place Productions are a six-person team based in London and have over three years of experience in hypercasual. Their new most recent hits Fat 2 Fit, reached number one on the Android US game charts and number two on iOS.

Guillaume Portes and Jeremie Texier, studio co-founders, hosted a talk on how they find exciting and marketable ideas for their next hits through observing trends, social media and more.

Blue Monkey

Blue Monkey is a brand new hypercasual studio from Normandy, France. Shortly after graduating from university, the two-person team published their very first hit, Flex Run, which hit number two in the US iOS charts last month.

Harvey Roberts and Mathis Delauney, Blue Monkey co-founders, shared their secrets on how they made it to the top in just nine months, and the story behind their first hit, Flex Run.


501 are a ten-person team based in Lviv, Ukraine. The team has an impressive track record of over five hypercasual hit games, including Stack Fall, Jump Dunk 3D, and more recently, Canvas Run.

Oles Terletsky and Ostap Hrytsyshyn, 501 game developers, shared their experience and tips on ideating towards low CPIs.

Voodoo Game OPS

Clément Dubois, Voodoo Game Developer and one of the authors of the Voodoo Dev Manual, spoke about how the Voodoo Game OPS team have taken studio support to the next level including technical support, game art support, Android optimisation, and much more. He also presented a case study on the hit Cube Surfer by the studio Atinon.

With more events on the way, there will be plenty of opportunities to attend or tune into Voodoo’s upcoming insight-led sessions, and they hope to see you there.