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Warcraft Rumble scores nearly $14 million in first two weeks

Blizzard's latest mobile title averaging $1 million per day following global release
Warcraft Rumble scores nearly $14 million in first two weeks
Date Type Companies Involved Key Datapoint
Nov 20, 2023 milestone AppMagic Blizzard Entertainment Warcraft Rumble hits $14m
  • US ranks number one for revenue, with players spending $6.2 million
  • Apple's App Store accounts for 54.6% of player spending in the game
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Blizzard’s Warcraft Rumble generated $13.9 million in gross revenue worldwide from the App Store and Google Play during the first two weeks since its official launch on November 3, according to AppMagic data.

The figure puts the title close to averaging $1 million per day following its global release.

The US has proven to be the title’s most lucrative market to date, generating $6.2 million during the game’s first two weeks, accounting for 44.6% of total revenue. Germany ranked No. 2 with 9.8%, while South Korea ranked No. 3 at 6.6%.

Solid start

When it comes to downloads, Warcraft Rumble generated three million installs globally in the 14 days following its release. The US once again ranked No. 1 with 740k downloads, or 24.5% of all installs. France, meanwhile, ranked number two with 7.4%, and Germany ranked number three at 7.3%.

Apple's App Store drove the most revenue, accounting for 54.6% of player spending, while Google Play represented 45.5%. As for downloads, Google Play came out on top with 60.2% of installs, while Apple's App Store accounted for 39.8%.

It should be noted that Warcraft Rumble was initially available in soft launch in select countries from August 2023. In total, the title has generated $15.5 million from player spending and 3.6 million downloads globally as of November 16. recently sat down with Warcraft Rumble senior animator Carin Huurnink and senior game designer Brendan Farrell to discuss the creative process behind the game.