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Wargaming turns its firepower towards mobile with pure play WG Cells division

First cells in Seattle and Kyiv
Wargaming turns its firepower towards mobile with pure play WG Cells division

Following the success of World of Tanks BlitzWargaming has shown its commitment to mobile with the announcement of WG Cells.

This new development and publishing division of Wargaming - which is a traditionally PC-focused developer of F2P MMOs - will be exclusively for mobile projects, with Marat Karpeko taking the strategic lead and David Bluhm at the helm operationally.

WG Cells includes development studios in Seattle and Kyiv, with more to come as Wargaming expands its mobile arm yet further.


Wargaming is committed to developing a strong mobile gaming business as one of our major pillars of our corporate strategy,” said Victor Kislyi, CEO of Wargaming.

“We understand that the mobile market is massive and has even greater potential. WG Cells allows us to take advantage of this market, provide great games and expand our product scope.”

David Bluhm, Head of WG Cells US, is equally positive.

“It’s very exciting to bring the full force of Wargaming’s brand, expertise, know-how, and resources to the fast growing mobile games market,” he says.

<em>World of Tanks Blitz</em> success inspired WG Cells
World of Tanks Blitz success inspired WG Cells

"Wargaming has already created world-class games for every major gaming medium, and WG Cells will help further bolster the company’s mobile offerings with some outstanding titles.”

Indeed, WG Cells current portfolio of launched and unreleased iOS games includes:

  • Loot & Legends, an RPG launched on iPad in 2014.
  • Fantastic Plastic Squad, a 1980s-set third-person shooter developed by Pound Sand studios and set for a 2015 release.
  • Smash Squad, an upcoming RPG due in 2016.

Whether or not WG Cells' decision to publish on iOS only is a long-term strategy or a timed exclusivity is as yet unknown, but none of the above are currently slated for a Google Play launch.

For more information on WG Cells, you can visit its website.