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WeMade acquire 20% stake in external developer StandEgg

StandEgg will be the first external developer to work with WeMade, and will produce two titles based on Anipang
WeMade acquire 20% stake in external developer StandEgg

WeMade, developers of Korean mobile title Anipang, have acquired a 20% stake in developer StandEgg with a view to producing two new titles based on the IP.

Although better known for their efforts in blockchain technology with investments into companies such as Metaverse Magna - for which they made our Top 50 Game Makers list in 2022 - WeMade have also been very active in mobile gaming. Anipang, their social network game available on iOS and Android, has accrued millions of users in Korea and further abroad such as in Japan, but remains relatively unknown outside of Asia.

But, WeMade is still looking to push the Anipang IP further, in this case by bringing on a new developer. The studio has a long pedigree with mobile gaming, including three titles in the Anipang series. According to reports from outlets such as KoreaTechDesk, the deal will see WeMade Play’s first game developed externally via StandEgg, with two titles based on Anipang.

A moment in mobile

The deal with StandEgg will allow WeMade to handover development of Anipang spin-offs to the company, allowing them to focus fully on their own investments, while still providing a firm presence in mobile and gaming with their most well-known, fully-owned IP. Meanwhile the studio mainly publishes licensed games such as Powerpuff Girls Smash and Disney Pop.

Although it's unclear whether the Anipang series will ever see a prominent release outside of Asia, it's obvious that the games are not going to see a reduction in attention from WeMade anytime soon. It doesn't seem WeMade is going to be moving away from blockchain either, if their recent investments are anything to go by.

For those looking to get more insight into WeMade and their work, Wonil Suh, their EVP corporate development will be making an appearance at PocketGamer’s own Dubai Game Expo Summit to share the tokenomics knowhow that Wemade has learned during the releases of over 30 web3 games.