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Xsolla CTO Konstantin Golubitsky appointed as CEO

Will focus on growth and strengthening company culture
Xsolla CTO Konstantin Golubitsky appointed as CEO

Games payments platform Xsolla has appointed former chief technical officer Konstantin Golubitsky as its CEO.

As reported by GamesBeat, Golubitsky has held the position of CTO for the past decade and has helped launch over 20 new commerce products and services during this period.

AS CEO, Golubitsky will focus on the growth of the platform in the games industry, as well as strengthening company culture.

Golubitsky stated that he aims to bring more investors to Xsolla Game Investment Platform to create more opportunities for indie and midcore developers to gain funding and connect with investors.

Growing opportunities

"From my perspective, our core product growth is key to future success. Xsolla will continue to build better, more technologically advanced products and services, and accelerate new commerce opportunities for mobile game developers," said Golubitsky.

"We listen closely to what our partners need and are launching a new version of our flagship payments product, Xsolla Pay Station, later this year. This includes additional focus and support on mobile platforms."

Last year, former CEO Shurick Agapitov drew criticism for his conduct while firing 150 employees after performing a data analysis of their activity, followed by an explicit post on Twitter. Going forward, Agapitov will focus on the firm’s Web3 activities.

Golubitsky stated that culture is important at Xsolla and that moving forward the firm is working on creating a "transparent and fair" culture.

Last week, Sony listed a job vacancy for VP of mobile games, with the company looking to expand its mobile games operations, beginning with games show-based titles.