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Xsolla unveils its new payment system Headless Checkout

The company are further enhancing their popular Xsolla Pay Station service giving devs the ability to build customisable, branded purchasing experiences for their players
Xsolla unveils its new payment system Headless Checkout
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Gaming commerce company Xsolla has unveiled Headless Checkout, a new payment customisation feature that lets developers create fully branded in-game checkouts that let users make payments without popping them out of the experience and into a store.

Headless Checkout is a part of the new version of the company’s flagship product, Xsolla Pay Station. So far Xsolla has helped 151 games launch their web shops this year, and an incredible 40 of the top 100 mobile games use the service for their payments.

Xsolla notes that this success highlights a growing push of multiplatform operations, helping mobile games grow their user bases while giving game makers the chance to explore new markets.

Inside Xsolla’s web shop

Cross-platform development has been an increasing topic of interest within the industry, with mobile quickly catching up in terms of graphics. On the flipside, console and PC developers are becoming increasingly concerned with cultivating a strong presence on mobile, the world’s most profitable gaming platform. With this in mind, taking advantage of cross-platform solutions can help ensure that users have a streamlined experience regardless of their platform.

"Powering Web Shop launches for 40 of the top 100 mobile games is a monumental milestone for Xsolla, and it signifies a major shift in the industry towards multi-platform expansion," said Xsolla CEO Chris Hewish. "This underscores the increasing importance of a unified cross-platform strategy, particularly in light of recent privacy changes, including the Identifier for Advertisers (IDFA), App Tracking Transparency (ATT), and the upcoming crackdown on Fingerprinting. These changes have made it more important than ever for developers to adhere to the rules while using Web Shops to broaden their user bases and enrich the gaming experiences across platforms."

Last month, Xsolla announced the acquisition of multiplayer platform AcceleratXR.