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Xsolla announces acquisition of multiplayer platform AcceleratXR

The acquisition will further Xsolla’s crossplay capabilities
Xsolla announces acquisition of multiplayer platform AcceleratXR
Date Type Companies Involved Size
Sep 27, 2023 acquisition Xsolla Not disclosed

Video game commerce company Xsolla has announced the strategic acquisition of AcceleratXR, a provider of in-game server backend technology designed for live service games and software. AcceleratXR’s platform and network engine support experiences across multiple platforms and devices, helping to optimise the creation of interactive digital content

AcceleratXR’s technology helps development teams create cutting edge online and multiplayer experiences through the use of more than 20 specialised systems, such as cloud scripting.

"Today, we welcome AcceleratXR, a significant new addition to the Xsolla game tech family," said Xsolla CEO Chris Hewish. "AcceleratXR brings robust game server backend technology capable of catering to various platforms - from web to PC to console to mobile. It marks a promising stride in our journey to redefine cross-play technology."

In a statement, Xsolla notes that the acquisition highlights “a transformative shift towards marketing comprehensive cross-play and cross-pay solutions.” Among other things, players will be able to maintain an identity across gaming platforms while being able to access their purchase history wherever they choose to game.

Expanding interests

The acquisition comes alongside a growing shift towards cross-platform development, with more and more developers and game makers aiming to maximise their revenue streams by making their titles available across platforms. Perhaps most notably, developers and publishers who have traditionally focused on console and PC are increasingly making moves on mobile, with the most recent example being Capcom’s announcement that it will be porting Resident Evil 4 Remake and Resident Evil Village to Apple devices.

"We're thrilled about the acquisition by Xsolla, as it supercharges our core mission of making game development tools accessible to all and enhancing social experiences within gaming communities," said AcceleratXR co-founder Jean-Philippe Steinmetz. "This momentous step forward presents promising opportunities to reshape the global gaming industry."

Last month, Xsolla partnered with AppsFlyer to streamline cross-platform insights.