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Zynga makes push for India with localised match-3 game Rangoli Rekha: Color Match

Presumably being developed by Bangalore studio
Zynga makes push for India with localised match-3 game Rangoli Rekha: Color Match
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Zynga appears to be making a move into the India market with a specifically India-focused match-3 game called Rangoli Rekha: Color Match.

The game was originally soft-launched on Android on August 3rd. Zynga's support page for the game states that it is beta testing and currently only available to download in India.

Rangoli Rekha: Color Match has players matching three or more coloured symbols to make Rangoli, with the ultimate objective of defeating the Maharaja. It also contains references to Diwali, Chakras, and other culturally-specific items.

Focusing in

"Our Zynga India team is beta testing a new Match-3 mobile game – Rangoli Rekha – for players in India. The game is in the early stages of development and we look forward to hearing from local players during this initial testing period,” Zynga said in a statement.

Development for the game is being handled by Zynga's own Bangalore studio. The Bangalore team is also handling most of Zynga's web operations and some of its legacy games.

Making a push for India is an interesting move for Zynga, which in recent months has turned its focus to live operations and ensuring its games will be successes. It already canned a Mafia Wars mobile reboot due to concerns that it wasn't performing well enough.

"As a team, we’re being deliberate about our new starts and going after the categories where we believe we can win," said the company in a statement on the game's cancellation.