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A new PUBG Mobile game is on the way

Krafton will not be known "as a one hit wonder"
A new PUBG Mobile game is on the way

More PUBG games are on the way over the next couple of years.

Speaking to Bloomberg, Krafton CEO Kim Chang-Han insisted that the company "will not stay as a one-hit-wonder."

Later this year, a new mobile battle royale title based in the PUBG universe is set to hit smartphones.

Moreover, a PC and console-based PUBG-related game will be released in 2022.

"I think the more important thing is how the company can utilise the intellectual property of PUBG and how it can make that into an even bigger franchise," said Chang-Han.

Big player

PUBG Mobile has proven to be a massive hit since its release in February 2018.

Last year, the battle royale smashed a couple of crucial milestones as it hit 600 million downloads in March, and exceeded $3.5 million in lifetime revenue as of September.

Moreover, it was one of only five games to bring in $1 billion via player spending in 2020.

Recently, Krafton announced its intention to file for an initial public offering with a potential $27.2 billion valuation.