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Adverty & Apex Mobile Media partner to offer advanced in-game ads in Canada

Adverty’s groundbreaking in-game ad format will be distributed in the Canadian regions by Apex Mobile Media.
Adverty & Apex Mobile Media partner to offer advanced in-game ads in Canada

Adverty and Apex Mobile Media have today signed an agreement for Apex to distribute Adverty’s in-game ads across the Canadian region. This deal may also be the progenitor of a potential US deal, should it see success in the Canadian regions. The deal will offer mobile game developers, “seamless and immersive in-game advertising opportunities.”

CEO & Co-founder of Apex Mobile Media, Walder Amaya said of the deal, "We are thrilled to partner with Adverty and to bring its market-leading solutions to our clients in the Canadian market. By cementing this partnership, Apex Gaming Network will continue to lead the way in the Canadian mobile gaming space by offering new exciting advertising opportunities to our clients."

In-Game Advertising, eh?

According to Adverty and Apex’s announcement, they seek to capitalise on a growing trend of advertising within virtual worlds. Apex Mobile Media in particular already has experience working with a growing number of brands in the gaming world, boasting, “Exclusive partnerships with premium gaming partners from across the globe including Rovio, AudioMob, EA and SuperLeague Gaming, amongst others.”

Canada in particular is directly adjacent to the massive US market, and could be seen as a testing ground for a possible deal in the States, whilst also being a unique opportunity in its own right. Adverty VP of Partner Sales, Alex Ginn was particularly optimistic, as he said, “We’re delighted to be able to offer our ground-breaking in-game ad formats in partnership with Apex; opening up entirely new possibilities for engagement with audiences in this future-facing region.”

Adverty is also especially buoyant about the future of in-game advertising as a whole, especially in connection with the growing popularity of digital worlds and social spaces. “With over 3 billion gamers globally, mainstream brands are increasingly turning to in-game advertising, now widely regarded as a central pillar for future innovations within gaming and the Metaverse.”