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Alchimerge: Merge and Crafts celebrates first anniversary

The game has added graphical and character customisation enhancements to mark the occasion
Alchimerge: Merge and Crafts celebrates first anniversary

PocApp Studio is celebrating the first anniversary of its title AlchiMerge: Merge and Crafts with a new update, utilising feedback from their thousands of users in order to enhance the overall gameplay experience.

As part of the update, the game has revamped its Merge Map with the addition of graphical enhancements and new visuals which the developer hopes will be more aesthetically pleasing for both new and existing players.

The game has also taken the anniversary opportunity to improve it's unique character customisation feature, offering a new range of options for players to personalise their avatars, creating previously unseen in-game identities to play as, across three species: human, cat, or dog.

Additionally, players can now personalise their personal Alchemy Stops with a variety of furniture, carpets, wallpapers, and flooring.

It's all about making this popular merge title that bit more personal and is a great way to reward loyal players and make them feel more engaged with the game that they love.

A recipe for success

Alchimerge famously sets itself apart from other games in the popular merge genre by letting players craft and sell their creations in their in-game Alchemy Shop, increasing profits and customer satisfaction in an attempt to become the greatest shopkeeper in the game's location - The Vortex Isles. By exploring the isles, players can also uncover the mysteries surrounding the mysterious archipelago, with merge gameplay being the key to continuing.

Additionally, players can join forces and create alliances, allowing them to complete batches of orders simultaneously.

Discussing the game at the time of launch, PocApp Studios CEO and producer Dilaram Massimova said: “AlchiMerge is our biggest game to date and while it presented new challenges, like building our own server backend and working with 3D for the very first time, it has been the most creative and productive period for us.”