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Antstream Arcade welcome pack surpasses 3 million downloads

After $3.5 million investment from The Atari Group
Antstream Arcade welcome pack surpasses 3 million downloads
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Cloud game streaming platform Antstream Arcade has revealed a 3,200 per cent increase in new players in 2021, compared with 2020.

With more than 700,000 new players, the platform saw over 200,000 monthly active users in 2021 and a 28 day retention rate of 30 per cent. Players can access the platform from any device with a 4G connection, such as mobiles, tablets, as well as PC and Mac.

Last November, Antstream Arcade also launched on the Epic Games Store. Its library of more than 1,200 games - ranging from Pac-Man to Mortal Kombat - has accumulated more than 3.2 million downloads from welcome packs for the platform.

Getting invested

Anstream is backed but The Atari Group, which invested $3.5 million in Antstream in 2021 from a round of external financing. In addition to investments from other games industry stakeholders, Antstream has exceeded the $20 million milestone in investments into it.

Because of Antstream’s proprietary cloud gaming platform, users are able to play its games wherever they have at least a 4G connection. This applies across mobile, tablet devices, PC, Mac, and Amazon Fire Stick.

"We know that cloud gaming is the future, and we are excited to continue leading from the front," said Antstream Arcade CEO Steve Cottam.

"It has been fantastic to see more players than ever enjoying our platform, and we are thankful for the success of our latest round of funding as well as the support of our partners who are helping us to bring the world’s largest library of iconic games to players around the world."

Facebook Gaming recently launched Pac-Man Community, a multiplayer spin on the classic arcade game, which has drawn attention to the platform for reviving retro arcade games.