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Anzu to bring in-game ads to Dakar Desert Rally

Will integrate in-game ads onto vehicles, roadside signs, and more
Anzu to bring in-game ads to Dakar Desert Rally
Date Type Companies Involved Size
Feb 17, 2022 partnership Anzu Saber Interactive Not applicable

In-game ads firm Anzu has entered an exclusive partnership with Saber Interactive to bring ads to the upcoming racing game Dakar Desert Rally.

Through the partnership, advertisers will be able to bring banner and video ads into the game through Anzu’s in-game placements. 

Anzu will offer marketers a variety of "custom integrations", such as painting in-game vehicles with brands, logos, or on the driver’s helmets. Additionally, marketers will be able to advertise on roadside flags and garage takeovers, including custom wall decorations and items to decorate the buildings.

The partnership follows Anzu's success on mobile platforms, with an in-app invalid traffic score for mobile of 0.16 per cent. The firm has made a string of partnerships in recent months, including a partnership with Top Down Games to bring ads into its Roblox experience, All Star Defense.

Branching out

"We’ve been working closely with Saber Interactive to ensure our ad placements are perfectly positioned to enhance both the player and advertising experience," said Anzu VP of Games Alex Yerukhimovich.

"This is a great opportunity for advertisers to showcase their campaigns in a visually stunning triple-A title, and for players to experience races with real ads that are relevant to the setting alongside the track. Just like they would expect to see if they were watching a real race, making the experience all the more authentic."

Yesterday, Anzu announced the appointment of Guy Ben-dov as its EVP business development to drive its blended ads services.