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Apex Legends Mobile snatches iPhone Game of the Year at Apple's Awards

The Apple Awards celebrate not only the major apps on iOS but also the games with Apex Legends Mobile snatching iPhone game of the year
Apex Legends Mobile snatches iPhone Game of the Year at Apple's Awards
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Awards shows are an important way of appreciating and recognising the prominence of all sorts of products. Mobile games are no different, and no other company seeks to sell its diverse and jam-packed app store as much as Apple.

The Apple Awards announced today offer honours for everything from best app to best iPhone and iPad game, and this year the winner for the iPhone game of the year was none other than Titanfall spin-off Apex Legends Mobile.

Mac game of the year went to the surreal card game Inscryption (Devolver Digital), and iPad game of the year went to Moncage (Optillusion). Finally Apple TV game of the year went to El Hijo (HandyGames).

Apple Awards are purely for games and apps on their own platforms, however it’s interesting to see an indie game rubbing shoulders with a game like Inscryption, even if on different platforms.

Honoured Games

Apex Legends was a surprise hit in the battle royale genre, coming only a couple of years after Fortnite broke new ground and arguably overshadowed genre pioneer PUBG with its battle royale mode. A spin-off from the Titanfall duology, it made the jump to mobile this year.

Apex Legends Mobile saw major success, including in Japan which encouraged many dissections as to how it had achieved such a quick and formidable presence.

Apex Legends itself is arguably one of the most prominent battle royale games, competing closely with others such as Call of Duty Warzone, Fortnite: Battle Royale and PUBG, and seeing high spending within a week of launch. Apex Legends Mobile may soon be seeing an upcoming challenge on mobile of course, with the nearing release of Call of Duty Warzone Mobile which has already seen 25m pre-registrations on Google Play and the iOS App Store, with even higher numbers sure to be seen before launch.