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Apple to make third-party payments available in South Korea

In accordance with change in law
Apple to make third-party payments available in South Korea
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Following a new law in South Korea that requires alternate payment systems on app marketplaces, Apple has submitted its plans to comply with the leigislation.

Third-party payment systems will be allowed on the App Store in order to comply with the new law, as big technology companies like Apple and Google are no longer allowed to provide developers with a single, first-party payment system.

The change in law went into effect as of September 2021 after being passed in August.

After the Korea Communications Commission (KCC) requested compliance from the big app stores, Google revealed its adjustment plans in November, but did warn that these options might not have the same level of protection offered by its Play Store.

This required adjustment will mark the first time that Apple will allow alternative payment methods in South Korea, and at a reduced charge. There is also an amendment in the law prohibiting app stores from dissuading the marketing of developers’ wares on alternative platforms.

Dealing with change

"We look forward to working with the KCC and our developer community on a solution that benefits our Korean users," an Apple spokesperson stated.

"Apple has a great deal of respect for Korea's laws and a strong history of collaboration with the country's talented app developers."

Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney tweeted, "I hope Apple's move [in South Korea] isn't another fake opening of payment systems as Google recently announced."

Epic has been in a legal battle with Apple since last year, following Epic launching an alternate in-app payment system for its battle royale Fortnite. The publisher claimed that this was due to Apple’s fee of 30 per cent on in-app purchases across the App Store.

Most recently, Apple rejected the Fortnite publisher's request to have its Fortnite developer account reinstated in South Korea, following the changes in law.

Tencent was recently granted permission to launch new apps on the App Store again in China, following a ban in November.