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Apple shipped 2.5 million iPhones in China last month

Five times more than February
Apple shipped 2.5 million iPhones in China last month

Apple shipped around 2.5 million iPhones in China last month.

As reported by Reuters, 21 million mobile phones were shipped in the country in March. This comes as China begins to return to normality after stringent lockdown measures due to the coronavirus pandemic – the disease does continue to wreak havoc on other parts of the world.

However, despite seeing a significant increase from February, 21 million units represent a decrease of 20 per cent year-on-year.

In February, it is estimated that Apple shipped 500,000 units in China. Many mobile firms are hoping to see a significant increase in numbers now that the country is on track to normalising. Strong sales will help to alleviate the pressure felt at declining numbers in other regions.

Pandemic repercussions

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, Apple closed all of its retail stores outside of China last month. Back in February, the American firm acknowledged its sales would fall as a result of the pandemic.

Earlier this month, Apple doubled its donations to China to help combat the virus.