Sony ForwardWorks preparing to push its games beyond Japan in 2018

Sora to Umi no Aida coming to Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau first

Sony ForwardWorks preparing to push its games beyond Japan in 2018

Sony ForwardWorks has unveiled plans to push its games beyond Japan and into other countries in Asia throughout 2018.

As reported by Nikkei, ForwardWorks will begin by releasing its second game, Sora to Umi no Aida, in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau. The developer will partner with So-net Entertainment Taiwan to help promote the game across Asia.

Sora to Umi no Aida has reportedly found success due to cross-promotion in manga, novels and online videos. An anime adaptation is also set to launch in 2018.

To the stars

ForwardWorks has also branched out beyond its own IP, and was co-developer alongside Drecom on Square Enix's recent mobile World of Final Fantasy: Meli-Melo. It was launched in Japan in December 12th 2017, though there is no word on a global release.

Sora to Umi no Aida is a midcore Monster Strike-esque game featuring young women training to become fisherwomen in space. It was released in October 2017 after a pre-registration campaign.

Former Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Andrew House stated in September 2017 that ForwardWorks was doing "fantastic". He also said that Sony will be focusing more on the mobile market in the future.


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