Neowiz to bring Golf Impact and Brave Nine to the blockchain

Golf Impact set to receive a big makeover

Neowiz to bring Golf Impact and Brave Nine to the blockchain

Neowiz has revealed that two of its most popular titles, Golf Impact and Brave Nine, are being expanded to include blockchain-based content.

Golf Impact is even being renamed to Crypto Golf Impact to reflect this change, with plans to launch in March 2022 and is set to be the first play-to-earn golf game on the global market.

Although tactical RPG Brave Nine will not be getting a name change, Neowiz is developing new blockchain-based play-to-earn content and systems for the title that are due to be mented in Q2 2022.

Braving the blockchain 

The blockchain currency to be used in these titles is Neopin, which is launching later this month. Powered by Neoply (a leader in the Korean crypto market), the vision for Neopin is that it will see users having a single account that connects with multiple blockchain services.

Going forward, Neowiz has plans to gradually introduce further play-to-earn features amongst its portfolio, alongside NFT, service-to-earn, and decentralised finance features.

Last week, Com2uS Holdings revealed that it will implement a blockchain ecosystem into its upcoming title, World of Zenonia, which is scheduled to launch in the second half of 2022.

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