Appodeal unveils its enhanced SDK 3.0

Appodeal updates its SDK, offering enhanced metrics, improving compliance tools improving distribution and more

Appodeal unveils its enhanced SDK 3.0

Appodeal, an all-in-one growth platform for mobile app businesses, unveiled the newest details to its Appodeal software development kit (SDK).

The Appodeal SDK 3.0 version will further accelerate Appodeal’s mission to enable mobile app creators to start and grow successful mobile app businesses. The update emphasises supporting publishers' development and granting them access to the tools and features essential for the app’s high performance and smooth operations.

The new features enable publishers to earn more while deploying Appodeal SDK 3.0 version. These improvements are uniquely suited to meet publishers’ modern monetisation challenges and marketing needs while offering competitive professional assistance to businesses looking to switch to Appodeal.Appodeal’s

Appodeal’s SDK 3.0

The SDK 3.0 version is enhanced with synchronized monetization and user acquisition data, the consent manager library, and a Unity plugin overhaul.

New additions for 2022 include:

  • Advanced reports enriched with metrics like Forecasted ARPU, ARPDAU, and LTV
  • Appsflyer, Adjust and Meta Analytics are now integrated in Appodeal’s SDK 3.0 core. Users only need to connect their accounts to Appodeal to start using them
  • Firebase Analytics is available in the new SDK. This allows users to track app metrics and key events and get all the gathered data visualized in the Appodeal dashboard
  • New events in the Appodeal interface are added to help developers during the integration (callbacks when the SDK is initialized, when an ad is shown to a user, etc.)
  • Performance and stability are improved to provide users with a seamless, uninterrupted experience

Improved Consent Manager

This SDK also includes several improvements in Appodeal’s Consent Manager integration process to help publishers avoid getting their apps banned by app stores.

Now, publishers don’t have to worry about the Consent Manager integration, since it is now included in Appodeal SDK 3.0. In previous versions, it was available as a stand-alone tool.

The Consent Manager library automatically geo-targets app users and prompts them with the right message, if needed. Redesigned to give a quick and effortless experience, it helps publishers to stay fully compliant with GDPR & CCPA laws, and the constant changes in the ad-tech industry (e.g. post-IDFA)

Unity Plugin Overhaul:

Appodeal has also significantly reworked its Unity Pluggin, making it now 100% compliant with the UPM (Unity Package Manager). Appodeal SDK 3.0 is now available as a UPM package.

This update not only includes the new unity events (previously “callbacks”), but also:

  • The API is fully commented: Working with the Unity plugin inside IDEs is now faster and 100% user-friendly
  • Demo Scene redesigned: Better and more accessible options to set up in-app monetisation
  • Features to test ads from the Unity Editor
  • Automated configuration for Attribution Services: Simplified process of setting up attribution tools in Unity for both Android & iOS platforms

“We pride ourselves on the strong relationships we have with our partners, - says Alexandr Zhitlukhin, CTO at Appodeal Stack - And we are always looking for ways to make them more successful. We understand the various roadblocks publishers experience with integration and in their overall monetisation efforts and strive to continuously update and improve our platform to deliver outstanding benefits and tools facilitating publishers’ growth.”

We’ve always been able to count on Appodeal to understand our company needs
Vlad Gurgov

Partners react to the new Appodeal SDK 3.0

Appodeal’s existing publishers are already handing out praises, appreciating the reimagined SDK’s ease of use as well as the new features designed to boost their businesses.

Vladimir Timoshkov, Co-founder at OpenMyGame, shared, “We are excited to see the new updates to the SDK. With them, we’re able to improve our games’ marketing campaigns by using actual in-app data and identifying new opportunities, otherwise hidden.”

Vlad Gurgov, CEO at NewPubCo, said, “We’ve always been able to count on Appodeal to understand our company needs. For Unity developers, the integration and upgrading experience has been remarkably refined. The new features remove many obstacles Unity developers have been dealing with. Appodeal has continued to meet us and assist us in the best way possible, made evident by the SDK 3.0 update,” he said.

The Appodeal SDK gives access to 70+ Ad Demand Sources and makes them compete against each other in a real-time auction, maximizing ad revenues. The Appodeal SDK also provides In-app Bidding, Automatic UA Optimisation, User Segmentation & A/B Testing, Cross-Promotion and Direct Deals, Instant Payouts, and much more.

The Appodeal SDK 3.0 version, ready for Unity, iOS, Android & Flutter, is available beginning November 7th, 2022, to all Appodeal’s clients. To upgrade to the newest version, please refer to the upgrade guide. regularly posts content from a variety of guest writers across the games industry. These encompass a wide range of topics and people from different backgrounds and diversities, sharing their opinion on the hottest trending topics, undiscovered gems and what the future of the business holds.