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AviaGames accused of using bots to win its own cash prizes

A lawsuit from Big Run Studios and Skillz alleges that AviaGames Bingo Clash not only copied their Blackout Bingo but use bots to deprive winners
AviaGames accused of using bots to win its own cash prizes
  • AviaGames is accused of copying Blackout Bingo's design and promotion in Bingo Clash
  • It's also alleged that Bingo Clash uses bots to beat players in order to avoid paying out prizes
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Mobile games developer and publisher AviaGames has been struck with allegations that it fraudulently rigs its games to "steal" money from users who presume they're competing with other players but are (allegedly) actually competing with bots.

AviaGames was founded in 2017 as a social competition games maker, and launched their game Bingo Clash in 2020.

The allegations

A lawsuit has been filed by Big Run Studios the developers of Blackout Bingo and the Skillz platform who accuse Bingo Clash of being a "copycat" of their own game and have demanded a jury trial and compensation for alleged stolen technology. Furthermore they claim that AviaGames' Bingo Clash uses bots to make "rigged games" where "AviaGames wins and its customers lose".

If true, this would be a major blow for AviaGames. Bingo Clash has built its public image as a fair, skill-based competition between players of similar ability and level - but if it turns out that players have been betting money against bots, the question of whether real players are being given a fair chance to win comes into question.

The Daily Mail has read the lawsuit, stating that AviaGames’ "corrupt" game is being sued for supposed copying of tech and of masquerading bots. Even AviaGames’ commercials are being accused of piracy, with screenshots of identical wording and images used by AviaGames and accuser Skillz.

Notably, Skillz has said its bingo game is built on a patented software development kit that creates randomised competitions. AviaGames has reportedly been a Skillz customer in the past, which is now believed to have been a "ploy for information".

AviaGames’ CEO Vickie Chen was celebrated as an Industry Leader and Female Executive of the Year by Forbes China and the Stevie Awards last year. She also spoke with us to give advice to women looking to get into the games industry.