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BebopBee raises $2 million for live ops and user acquisition

The developer is focused on match-three titles
BebopBee raises $2 million for live ops and user acquisition
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Mobile games developer BebopBee has raised $2 million in funding.

Bitkraft Ventures participated in the round, as did 1Up Ventures and IGG Inc.

“BebopBee has perfected the art of creating immersive, emotive, and highly-shareable experiences with their What a Wonderful World mobile game, with players engaged for almost an hour a day,” said Bitkraft Ventures founding general partner Scott Rupp.

“We believe the team has created a game that has top-10 grossing potential with truly innovative marketability options.”

Moreover, there were several angel investors including Dfinity founder Lei Ding and founder Rohit Singal.

It's a match

The studio was founded by Rajeev Nagpal, Cristian Zanier, and Anton Vikharev, who are veterans of TinyCo, Zynga and Jam City, respectively.

Currently, the developer is focused on the match-three genre, with its most recent title being free-to-play puzzler What a Wonderful world.

BebopBee will use its newfound funds to build live ops and drive user acquisition.

Furthermore, the company has welcomed SciPlay Corporation chief strategy officer Danny Moy as a new advisor. He has great experience within the mobile space given he worked for Candy Crush creator King for over seven years.

“At BebopBee we think deeply about how to build a company that endures the test of time," said Nagpal.
"By combining differentiated storytelling, real-world association, and community-driven content we are able to architect mobile games that appeal to a broader audience in a timeless manner."

"We are thrilled to be able to partner with these world-class games investors in order to continue to build out our live ops and amplify growth.”