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Big Fish releases its first iPhone freemium game in shape of Plunder!

Social publisher takes to the open waves
Big Fish releases its first iPhone freemium game in shape of Plunder!

Demonstrating free and freemium games are the way publishers are currently looking to build audience on iPhone - we've already had Freeverse's Coin Push Frenzy and Jagex's Undercroft out this week - comes Big Fish Game's Plunder!.

Notably it's the social gaming publisher's first freemium game for iPhone and as such provides something a toe dip into the water, rather than an ambitious platform play.

Pay to play

The gameplay of the grid-based puzzler is akin to Bomberman with pirates, sea mines and the Royal Navy instead of cutesy superdeformed Japanese characters.

The business model, which includes in-game ads, albeit for other Big Fish games - is linked into ngmoco's Plus+ network, which provides the social framework.

You have to be registered and logged into the service to receive the daily coin token required for a free play of the game. You also get three coins when you first install the game.

Other than this, you can buy 20 coins for 99c, 100 for $2.99 and 600 for $4.99. The latter also turns off the in-game ads, although it doesn't appear that the IAP system is currently working.

That aside, it's not the most generous deal for a freemium game, and one that goes against the trend for effectively charging for the speed of in-game actions - as seen in FarmVille and We Rule - prefering a straight pay for play model.