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BoomHits to merge offices with Skyloft Studios

The two Turkish studios will now operate under one roof
BoomHits to merge offices with Skyloft Studios

Turkish mobile publisher BoomHits and developer Skyloft have announced that they will be merging offices, working together under the same roof in Izmir, Turkiye.

The two established companies - BoomHits having worked as a game accelerator while Skyloft boasts successful titles such as Hyper Survive 3D and Hyper Knight - will operate under the same roof. Although not an official merger it does strengthen already established ties. With both studios having previously worked together on joint-ventures and with similar backgrounds in terms of genre and platform, both studios have reported they will share their expertise openly with one another.

On their LinkedIn, BoomHits detailed the announcement further. “As a sub-company of BoomBit, a successful mobile games company listed on the Polish Stock Exchange, BoomHits brings a wealth of experience to the table. Meanwhile, Skyloft has been a joint venture partner of BoomHits for over a year, and their expertise in the industry is second to none. Together, these teams will be focusing on the hybrid-casual field, as well as casual, mid-core, and hypercasual genres.”

Hybridcasual Turkiye

BoomHits and Skyloft’s new working relationship is an interesting one, as it differs from an actual merger of course, but also indicates the healthy skill sharing culture that has grown amongst mobile developers. Their focus on the hybridcasual genre as well is a signifier of the growing importance of this genre for the mobile gaming market, as casual begins to take a backseat after a period of relative dominance.

Turkiye has also been hitting our headlines recently thanks to a spate of high-profile investments as the country continues to see mobile game success. A variety of factors still affect this growingly important market however, including lower player spend due to a weak lira and localisation requirements for developers wanting to bring their games to the country. However, the atmosphere of collaboration between developers can only be beneficial for the continued growth of mobile gaming in the country.