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Candy Crush TV show has sweet premiere with 4.1 million viewers

Scores a 1.1 Nielsen rating, whatever that means
Candy Crush TV show has sweet premiere with 4.1 million viewers
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The Candy CrushTV had a solid premiere with its first episode drawing in an average viewing audience of 4.1 million on July 9th 2017.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the show scored a Nielsen rating of 1.1 among adults aged between 18-49. It was preceded by Big Brother, which earned a 1.8 rating and an audience of 6.5 million viewers.

The Candy Crush TV show saw reality TV stars, including Big Brother cast members, playing the game in a variety of ridiculous settings. This included being suspended in the air while playing on a giant game board, or being tied together by a giant candy cane.

Smash hit

CBS announced that it was developing a TV show based on Candy Crush Saga back in October 2016. It hoped to tap into the "massive, passionate fan base" for its viewership.

Candy Crush Saga continues to be a strong performer for King five years after it first launched on Facebook. It has only dropped out of the US App Store's top ten grossing ranks twice in the last four years.

King has been branching out with the brand recently, including working with Italian fashion house Moschino to develop Candy Crush-themed clothing. It is also currently working on another entry in the Candy Crush franchise, called Candy Crush Friends Saga.