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CareGame claims to enable the playing of any mobile game on any device without download

CareGame are talking a big talk when it comes to accessibility - we found out more about how the service works and what their plans are for the future
CareGame claims to enable the playing of any mobile game on any device without download

CareGame tout their service as "cloud gaming technology for all mobile gamers on this planet",  allowing all mobile users around the world to "enjoy any AAA mobile game – even the newest, heaviest or most demanding one – without any download and whatever their device."

The company states that it is built around accessibility, and CareGame has built its service to be accessible from any iOS and Android smartphone, even lower-end or older ones, but also with a very limited bandwidth, claiming that you can play at 60fps even if your bandwidth is as low as 1.25Mbps.

We had a chat to spokesperson Benjamin Athuil about the service, why it's needed and how it works. Tell us a little bit about CareGame?

Accessibility is our key pillar. Accessibility also explains why we only stream mobile games to mobile users. No gamepad is required. No adaptation to touch control is required. Games that have been developed from the start to be played on smartphones. And to be precise, these are exactly the same version as those available on the download stores, except you can access them instantly on any smartphone without any download or installation.

Accessibility finally means we are compatible with local budgets, everywhere around the globe, to make sure as many mobile gamers as possible on this planet can enjoy the best mobile games!

Where did the initial idea for CareGame come from?

CareGame was born out of one observation: many mobile users could not enjoy the best mobile games!
One of the most popular mobile games of this year is over 15GB. If you have an average connection of, let’s say 5Mbps, it would take you more than 6 hours to get the game fully downloaded and installed on your smartphone. And wait, this is not the only blocker. This game is fantastic, but it is so demanding that it has been nicknamed the “cellphone killer” by the gamer community. So, if you don’t have a recent expensive smartphone, after these 6 hours, you will not be able to enjoy the full gaming experience. This is just one, but not isolated example, where great mobile games cannot reach all the mobile gamers they deserve to.
That’s why CareGame created its mobile cloud gaming tech: to enable everyone to access and enjoy the best mobile games.

Who are your key markets and how do you target your marketing?

Our solution is marketed as a turnkey white-label solution for Mobile Operators. We provide them with everything needed and fully customized: the cloud infrastructure, the tech, and the contents – games we have through partnerships with top mobile game publishers and studios.

There is a strong appetite for our solution, in particular in South Asia, Southeast Asia, Latin America, Africa and the Middle East. These are mobile-first regions with a very high demand for mobile games, but where many people have budget constraints so cannot purchase gaming-friendly smartphones, let alone paying for expensive cloud services or accessories built with western countries in mind. These are regions where CareGame lift all barriers up and enable a huge population of mobile gamers to play the mobile games they dream of.

What is the appeal of CareGame to game publishers?

Whether it is Racing, FPS, Battle Royale, RPG, MOBA, Simulation, Strategy games... the most appreciated mobile games are increasingly demanding. The publishers we meet are perfectly aware that this leaves out many potential mobile gamers.

We are unlocking access to these mobile gamers, at no cost for the publishers and without any development required for their mobile games to work on our platform. With CareGame, their existing mobile games, also including their last updates, are instantly available to millions of new mobile gamers, on iOS and Android smartphones, even lower-end and older ones.

It is a pure incremental business for our partners, a great opportunity to address new markets and enjoy a new revenue stream at no cost, no technical effort and no cannibalization.

What was the draw of partnering with Vodafone Idea?

Our partnership is a perfect illustration of what the CareGame solution can bring to the market when working in a close collaboration with a strong Mobile Operator in one of the fastest growing mobile gaming territory: AAA mobile games being made available in pristine quality, 60fps, imperceptible latency, to hundreds of millions of mobile gamers.

How do you see the Indian mobile gaming market growing in the future, with the help of platforms like CareGame?

According to a report by Boston Consulting Group, the mobile gaming industry in India is expected to triple in size to a $5B+ market by 2025, growing at a 38% CAGR. CareGame will of course contribute to this growth, by enabling the most valued mobile games to be accessible to everyone.

This is the case for India, which is a great market for mobile gaming, but also at a larger scale. Mobile gaming will continue to grow, but this growth will not be led by western countries. South Asia, Southeast Asia, Latin America, Africa, the Middle East, these are regions leading the growth, and precisely where CareGame enables AAA mobile games to be available to all mobile gamers.

What are your future plans for expansion with Caregame?

Our solution is already actively running in LatAm, Africa, Southeast Asia, serving hundreds of thousands of mobile gamers. This is just a beginning as we are expanding to new countries, to South Asia and the Middle East, and we’re adding more amazing AAA mobile games – because content is king!