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Clash Royale now making half the monthly revenue it was at launch

Not a huge surprise
Clash Royale now making half the monthly revenue it was at launch

Monthly revenue for Supercell's latest game Clash Royaledropped to $62 million in July.

That's according to estimates from SuperData Research, which claims the game has had declining revenues for the past four months.

It has previously estimated that the game generated $133 million in March 2016, and just over $100 million in April 2016.

When asked for clarification on the figures by the Wall Street Journal, Supercell declined to comment.

It should be noted however that while revenue is said to have fallen to $62 million, that still equates to some $2 million a day from Clash Royale alone.

Losing interest

This news isn't a complete shock – Michail Katkoff wrote back in May 2016 that the players were beginning to churn due to the game's "grindy" nature.

And Torulf Jernström suggested in June 2016 that the early numbers would've been affected by an influx of Clash of Clans players trying out the new game.

The launch of Pokemon GO may have had something to do with it too.

The declining revenues of Clash Royale does cast some doubt on whether Tencent is paying too much for its shares in Supercell.

But with the publisher only just beginning to distribute the game in China, there's still a chance the game could bounce back to its launch highs in the coming months.

[Source: Wall Street Journal]