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Take your game to the next level with AppGallery

Huawei's AppGallery marketplace offers developers and publishers an array of tools to enhance games and improve functionality

Take your game to the next level with AppGallery

Alexandre Salem’s is Global Director of Gaming Partnerships, Huawei


The mobile gaming sector is as dynamic as they come, spurred on by drastic improvements in mobile technology every year.

While this cyclical technological progress may be a creative haven, it also poses a business development dilemma – should developers allocate their limited resources to app innovation, user acquisitions, or something else?

Fortunately, developers can have their cake and eat it too by partnering with AppGallery, the official app marketplace for Huawei. The platform offers a rich array of tools, capabilities and other resources for developers, allowing them to develop their games in new and innovative ways.

This includes access to HMS Core, a hub of open capability kits that help you to bring more innovative gaming experiences to users. By bringing different HMS Core functionalities together, developers can enhance their game significantly – from the backend operation functions to the underlying technology powering core gameplay.

In this article, we’ll take you through some of the best kits out there, and how you can use them.

HMS Core gives your games a technological power-up

Mobile games have notoriously poor retention rates, and while churn factors vary by genre, it is undeniable that performance and visuals play an important factor in the decision-making process. To better support developers, HMS Core offers a plethora of kits that are designed to enhance the overall experience of the game, including the Computer Graphics Kit, hQUIC Kit and Accelerate Kit among many others.

By bringing different HMS Core functionalities together, developers can enhance their game significantly...

Computer Graphics Kit

Developers can make use of Computer Graphics Kit’s powerful rendering framework and plugins based on the Vulcan API to bring out cutting-edge visuals in their games. Furthermore, the kit is also optimised for Huawei devices, empowering developers to take full advantage of the hardware capabilities and push the immersion factor for their games.


In addition, games that integrate the hQUIC Kit can enjoy an enhanced mobile network experience by facilitating low latency and high throughput connections.

The HMS Core provides intelligent congestion control algorithms to avoid congestion across different network environments while empowering games to seamlessly switch between Wi-Fi and 4G networks without interruption. This is highly advantageous for fast-paced genres such as FPS and MOBA, where every action decides the outcome of the match.

Accelerate Kit

Developers can also leverage the Accelerate Kit to enhance the overall performance of their games. This kit uses a new multithreaded programming method that allows developers to focus on task implementation instead of thread management. It optimises system resource usage, allowing the game to perform at high performance while minimising power consumption – a perfect solution for maximising individual gameplay sessions.

Exceptional capabilities from the ground up

Regardless of genre, the fundamental needs of most gaming apps are largely similar when it comes to operations and monetisation. With HMS Core, developers can leverage kits such as game service, ads and IAP (In-App Purchase) kits, to introduce integral app functions and help them to better allocate their limited resources to enhance their game.

Game Service

With Game Service, developers can gain access to a rich suite of capabilities to introduce basic and system-level functions – including achievements, addiction prevention and game-saving – at significantly lower costs. Developers can also obtain statistics about their players to tailor game experiences for different players accordingly.

More notably, this kit offers the Huawei GameTurbo engine, which shares rich, real-time, and accurate data to the device’s system to dynamically adjust the resource allocation, improving the overall gameplay experience.

Regardless of genre, the fundamental needs of most gaming apps are largely similar when it comes to operations and monetisation.
Shuntaro Furukawa


With the IAP Kit, developers can introduce a convenient and secure in-app payment method that provides support for multiple mainstream payment methods. All data involved in the transactions are encrypted to provide users with a safer payment environment, encouraging a higher volume of in-app purchases.

Ads Kit

Similarly, the Ads Kit offers access to the Huawei Ads Publisher Service that enables games to monetise traffic, to display high-quality multimedia content across six distinct formats – including Banner, Native, Rewarded, Interstitial, Splash, and Roll.

Additionally, it utilises the open advertising identifier (OAID) and installs referrer capabilities for advertisers to deliver personalised ads and attribute conversions. This results in a win-win scenario where gamers can gain exposure to products and services that are relevant, while developers can generate revenue to drive further app innovation.

Huawei empowers developers to take their games to the next level

On top of the kits listed above, there are several other HMS Core capabilities that are beneficial for different aspects of your game – be it user retention, security, or even quality of life.

Our unique HMS Core capabilities allow games to be integrated across different devices, delivering a more convenient and smoother gaming experience. This is part of our wider "one plus eight plus N” strategy at Huawei, which aims to bring seamless and innovative experiences to consumers worldwide.

In addition, as one of the fastest-growing app marketplaces worldwide, AppGallery is committed to the success of its partners in all areas – from cutting-edge technologies to marketing, and overseas expansion.

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If you’re interested in onboarding your app to AppGallery, reach out here to start your journey with us today. You can also find out more about Huawei’s HMS Core Kits here.

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