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Devsisters announces new game CookieRun: Tower of Adventures

The title is the latest entry in the popular runner franchise
Devsisters announces new game CookieRun: Tower of Adventures

Korean developers Devsisters have announced the latest entry in their popular CookieRun franchise, CookieRun: Tower of Adventures.

Tower of Adventures is set to be showcased at the BEXCO industry show, Korea, in November. The title is the franchise's first to step into the world of 3D with significantly different gameplay focusing on a combination of hack 'n' slash and puzzle-based gameplay clearly shown in the latest teaser trailer for the game.

Executive producer of Oven Games - the developer behind the title - Hyoung-ook Bae said, “CookieRun: Tower of Adventures aims to be a popular action game that casual players can enjoy both alone and with friends. Through our collaboration with Google Play, players can experience our unique gameplay more easily.”

That’s the way the cookie crumbles

New releases have not only been key to Devsisters success in Asia and Korea, but also in the West. Earlier this year we spoke with Chris O’Kelly, head of Devsisters Europe who addressed the studio’s upcoming releases including CookieRun: Witch’s Castle and their expanding repertoire of games that touch on different genres.

While all sharing the main franchise’s quirky, cutesy art-style, by expanding into different styles of gameplay Devsisters are able to capitalise on different audiences that love different genres.

For Witch’s Castle he praised the gameplay, noting, “We think it’ll sit quite well with the audience. It’s got a large story element which will sit well with aficionados of the IP, but I think the game itself is a very solid match2/match3 game, where everybody will feel at home if you like that particular game type.”

The decision to branch out into new genres, including CookieRun: Braverse, their collectible card game created by veteran artists from franchises such as Dragon Ball, Yu-Gi-Oh, and One Piece, is indicative of Devsisters intent to turn CookieRun into a multimedia franchise beyond just mobile.