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Download the Mobile Games Developer Trends Autumn 2020 report

Hypercasual games and new monetization methods come out on top in the latest industry survey
Download the Mobile Games Developer Trends Autumn 2020 report

This year has been one dominated by the coronavirus pandemic. We still have the last quarter of the year left to experience, and things are changing constantly, but already we’re able to see that the entire game sector – but mobile games in particular – has experienced a strong up-tick in demand during the global lockdown.

As Jon Jordan notes in his introduction to the latest Mobile Games Developer Trends report, “Starting in China and Southeast Asia in January and then moving through Italy, France and then much of Europe and North America in spring, patterns of play shifted in step with national decision-making, with weekdays suddenly experiencing weekend-like hours of consumption.”

But COVID-19 isn’t the only story this year. Growing antagonism between China and the US, and China and India? The disputes between Epic and Apple having an effect on the App Store? Increased M&A activity? We could go on… but instead, we turn our focus to you, the mobile game developers.

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In association with our friends at AdInMo, we surveyed a cross-section of industry professionals to get your opinion on the hottest trends right now. Today we are thrilled to be able to unveil the report based on that survey, which you can download right now from your profile area on

The report features 24 questions covering all aspects of life as a developer. From company profiles to the most popular business models, as well as your experience of networking at online events, and the challenges and opportunities in the sector in the year ahead, it’s all here, in a free 35-page PDF summary.

Sample results include:

Looking back at 2020 so far, what were the key trends for the mobile games industry?

What do you think are the biggest threats to the global mobile games business? Where are the key opportunities for the mobile games industry in the year ahead?

Have you attended any digital/online only trade events in 2020?

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You can read a foreword from Kristan Rivers, CEO & Founder of AdInMo, in the report too. And look out for AdInMo’s own industry report later this month – we’ll update you here on the site when that’s available. AdInMo provides an in-game brand advertising platform that serves click-free brand ads without interrupting game flow.

In the meantime, you can read the full Mobile Games Developer Trends Report in association with AdInM right now by signing up and logging in to the Steel Media Business Network. Look under View Your Profile at the top right of the site there, and then looking on the User Profile page, click Your Downloads on the left menu, under SM BUSINESS NETWORK. The new report will be the top option there.