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ESA's charity speedrun event is now on, raising money for Make-A-Wish

Raising funds for Make-A-Wish and children with critical illnesses, the ESA’s winter event is taking place this week
ESA's charity speedrun event is now on, raising money for Make-A-Wish
  • The ESA's winter speedrunning event is raising funds for Make-A-Wish International
  • Viewers can donate to influence streams this week, thereby raising money for charity
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The European Speedrunner Assembly (ESA) is currently hosting its winter speedrunning event in partnership with Make-A-Wish International, raising funds to grant wishes to children with critical illnesses.

Revolving around gaming and fundraising, the event is taking place on stream and onsite in Sweden from February 17 until February 24, with players aiming to beat various games in record time. Naturally, viewers can support by participating or donating during the weeklong event.

Lending a hand

This winter event marks the first time the ESA and Make-A-Wish International have teamed up, following the ESA’s charity work raising $200,000 for Alzheimer's research last year. Make-A-Wish, meanwhile, granted over 19,500 wishes to children in 2023, over 5,000 of which were game and entertainment-related.

Over 2,000 people are anticipated to watch the event online while hundreds are expected to attend in person. Beyond donating to support the charity, money spent during speedruns can influence the games being played - from naming characters to introducing new challenges.

"We are delighted to announce our new partnership with Make-A-Wish International. ESA Winter is a festival where gamers and the community unite. Through video games and speed, we level up to raise funds for children living with critical illnesses. It is heart-wrenching to witness the struggles of these kids. If we can alleviate their burden even a little by helping them fulfil their wishes, it holds profound significance for us," said ESA organiser Ida Lidholt.

Make-A-Wish International president and CEO Luciano Manzo said: "Children undergoing treatment for critical illness can experience anxiety, loss of hope, and isolation from friends and loved ones. For many of these children, gaming offers them a sense of escape, helps them connect with friends and distracts them from their long and often difficult treatment journeys. That’s why gaming and entertainment wishes are so popular among wish children.

"The funds raised from ESA Winter 2024 will help continue to grant these types of wishes and many others. We are so grateful to ESA and the gaming community for helping make wishes come true with this event."

The online side of the event is taking place on Twitch.