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Flexion to publish Hill Climb Racing on alternative app stores

Flexion is set to publish Fingersoft's Hill Climb Racing 1 & 2 to alternative app stores
Flexion to publish Hill Climb Racing on alternative app stores
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Flexion has today announced that they have signed an agreement with mobile game developer Fingersoft to publish their games Hill Climb Racing and Hill Climb Racing 2 onto alternate app storefronts.

Flexion is set to publish these games onto storefronts including the Huawei appgallery and the Samsung Galaxy Store. Flexion's distribution services will be geared towards continuing the existing success of these games, as well as acquiring new users through these storefronts.

CEO of Flexion Jens Lauritszon spoke of how this indicates an increased awareness of Flexion's work in bringing games to alternate app storefronts “The alternative distribution market has traditionally been difficult to evaluate for both developers and investors due to the lack of official performance data. But the strong growth in Flexion is an indication that the alternative app stores have reached such a level that even the biggest independent developers like Fingersoft are starting to take an interest.”

Running up that Hill Climb Racing

As noted in Flexion's release. Hill Climb Racing is a franchise which has seen great success over the years. Including Fingersoft's recent announcement that they were developing a version in partnership with the Lego company called Lego Hill Climb Racing. Flexion are perhaps, right to note that this indicates appreciation of their angle, in that Fingersoft see further success can be had by casting their net wider and taking their game to alternate storefronts.

Storefronts such as Huawei's AppGallery boast massive userbases. With Huawei's recent measurement putting it at around 580m. Although 'alternative' may be taken to mean 'niche' there are many users for whom their preferred storefront are these alternatives. That's not to say dedicated Hill Climb fans wouldn't go to the main storefront, but Flexion is likely banking on aiding and increasing discoverability amongst the casual audience who might otherwise not engage with games like Hill Climb Racing.