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Fortnite aims for a knockout with its Creed crossover

The Creed Quests event is the latest in a series of tie-ins for the hit game
Fortnite aims for a knockout with its Creed crossover

Fortnite is launching a new event, The Creed Quests, to celebrate the release of Creed III, the latest film in the Rocky series, reports Gamingonphone.

Fortnite has a long history of crossover content with a variety of IPs, including the likes of Stranger Things, Spider-Man, and Star Wars. While many collaborations have merely included skins and cosmetics, The Creed Quests will include a variety of in-game quests in addition to cosmetic rewards.

The event is accessible from March 2, a day ahead of the film’s international release, and will give players the chance to earn experience and cosmetic gloves by completing quests inspired by the film.

Fortnite is also launching the Creed Cup tournament, which will see players in different regions competing in up to ten matches. The top performing players in each region will win early access to the Adonis Creed outfit and Heavy Bag cosmetic before they’re made available in the store. Players who earn more than eight points during the event will also unlock a unique spray, allowing them to graffiti walls within the game.

A match made in heaven?

Fortnite occupies a unique space in pop culture, in part thanks to the large number of crossovers with established IPs. The game has also played host to a number of concerts from some of the biggest names in music, such as Ariana Grande and Travis Scott.

Events such as the Creed Quests can help companies bring their products to the attention of new players, while the game can benefit from a fresh wave of players engaging with the crossover content. For example, Fortnite achieved a record 10.7 million concurrent players in 2019 when hosting a DJ Marshmello concert.

More and more companies and public figures have become increasingly concerned with their recognition within the games space.

Despite the success of Fortnite, developer Epic Games received a $520 million fine from the FTC in December 2022 for various infractions.