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Fragnova unveils Creation Operating System to revolutionise game creation

Fragnova unveils its network and exclusive games creation system that will shape how future generations create User Generated Content
Fragnova unveils Creation Operating System to revolutionise game creation

With generation Z and millennials spending more time playing games rather than consuming other forms of entertainment, coupled with user-generated content (UGC) platforms like Youtube and TikTok being so popular amongst these generations, an ecosystem focused on UGC for games will be the next big thing.

The Next Big Thing

Introducing the Fragnova’s Creation Operating System. The Fragnova ecosystem pairs up the Fragnova Network and RareForm Engine, an immersive and easy-to-use, game creation system which hopes to revolutionise the way future generations will create user-generated content for games.

Fragnova Network

Fragnova is proud to announce the Fragnova Network. This network is a community-driven platform that aims to empower content creators, giving them the right tools and perpetual royalties for their work while providing immutable storage that will preserve their creations forever.

The Fragnova Network is a Layer X, which is similar to a Layer 1 (like Ethereum). But instead of being a generic blockchain, the Fragnova Network focuses on user experience and features specialised for game development. It includes programmable native assets with data fully on-chain, custom smart contracts, proxy accounts and Discord integration. Fragnova’s goal is to change the way UGC is created, distributed and monetised.

RareForm Engine

RareForm Engine (or simply Rare Engine) is a fully interactive environment where live games can be edited in real-time, in a collaborative fashion using AI-assisted tools and the innovative code crystals 3D programming language. Upon release, Rare Engine’s first minimum viable product (MVP) will feature advanced 3D rendering, native blockchain integration, an in-world user interface (UI) and a prototype of code crystals.

Rare Engine is completely modular and provides users with a wide range of customisation, from player items to low-level parts of the game engine, such as networking and rendering pipelines. This degree of customisation opens up a whole new world of possibilities for UGC in gaming, going from the basic player level to also include development tools. Users can create their own unique gaming experiences, tailoring everything from the look and feel of the game to the way it plays.

All of the components used to customize the Rare Engine as well as assets to build games will be on a decentralised ledger of assets, part of the Fragnova Network, allowing users to truly own their assets as well as license them. The combination of a custom blockchain, modular game creation system and decentralised ledger of assets are the core of Fragnova’s Creation Operating System.

Fragnova is fostering a community of hundreds of creators in its Discord server, with ongoing discussions about the future of UGC and the development of tools to empower creators. You can join the discussions here.

For a more thorough understanding of the exciting new technology shared in this article, do check out Fragnova’s Whitepaper detailing what the vision for Fragnova is, the technology behind it and the solutions it will bring to the gaming industry.

The Fragnova Network Mainnet launches today, with the token launch coming later this year. RareForm Engine’s first MVP will be displayed next week at the Game Developers Conference, and a playable demo for Rare Engine is coming later this year.

For those attending this year’s Game Developers Conference, do visit the Fragnova booth at the GDC Play area, Booth N3213, to learn more about the technology behind the platform and upcoming releases.

About Fragnova

Founded in 2021 by Giovanni Petrantoni, the Fragnova Foundation is a Singapore-based non-profit organisation with the vision of revolutionising gaming and bringing a more decentralised, creator-centric approach to development. Prior to founding Fragnova, Giovanni built game engines as a Senior Software Developer at Silicon Studio, the largest Japanese game engine developer owned by industry heavyweights including Sony PlayStation and Square Enix.

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