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Gamelight bags 12% of all match-3 game ad spend worldwide

Data from Singular shows that the platform's AI-powered algorithm is delivering the goods on match-3, despite their presence in only 11 countries
Gamelight bags 12% of all match-3 game ad spend worldwide
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Jan 16, 2024 report Gamelight
  • Gamelight's swift rise in industry standings can be attributed to a single crucial element: their advanced AI algorithm.

Mobile games rewarded marketing platform Gamelight has - according to data - successfully ensnared and impressive volume of global ad spend.

The platform's ad spend for the popular match-3 genre globally sits at an impressive 12%. This is particularly notable given their presence in only 11 countries compared to competitors active worldwide. In their active regions, Gamelight actually accounts for 15 to 20% of the total match-3 ad spend.

This comes from new analytics insights from analytic firm Singular which also shows that in 2023, Appsflyer published a Performance Index, ranking Gamelight third in various categories and regions, just behind Google and Meta. Impressively, Gamelight not only reaffirms its track record but also exceeds expectations by outperforming Meta, securing the second spot on Android and the third spot on iOS as a top source for match-3 games.

An AI-powered success?

Gamelight's swift rise in industry standings sits alongside their use of AI to get the job done. 

Fundamentally, the AI algorithm examines user behaviour and demographic information, encompassing factors like age, gender, and location, to achieve correct targeting. On paper, this then allows for the crafting of personalised gaming experiences tailored to each user. Beyond the fundamentals, the algorithm also explores users' gaming histories, extracting insights into preferences and past interactions, resulting in highly relevant game recommendations that enhance robust connections between players and games.

The influence of the AI algorithm also plays a crucial role in optimising partner campaigns, consistently surpassing industry benchmarks for Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) the company claims. 

Within just a year since its inception, Gamelight has undergone swift expansion securing accolades such as "Best AI Tool" at the DotComm Awards and topping the "Best Mobile Marketing Platform" category at the Digiday Technology Awards.